About Us


Hello!  We are so happy you are here.
We are the moms, Lindsey & Sarah, behind Boots & Bows Smocking Co.  The inspiration behind our company and designs are our girls, Emmaline and Ellie.  
We met volunteering for the Houston RODEO in 2014 and have been friends ever since.  Both of us have always dreamed of having a family of our own and became moms later in life.  We now live in the same neighborhood and had our girls at the start of the pandemic.  Dressing Ellie and Emmaline in darling clothes is an expression of our love for the blessings they are to us.  We have had so much fun finding and sharing adorable outfits that eventually we began concocting our own designs, and Boots & Bows Smocking Co was born! 
It is important to us to provide custom, traditional smocked items, and where we can, with a Texas flair.  Although we have little girls, outfitting the little men in your lives is a priority to us!  We hope you can find a little something you love: a new favorite play outfit, a heirloom piece, or something to wear out to Rodeo.  
Please enjoy looking around and we hope you like what you see.  We truly enjoy hearing from you and welcome feedback, suggestions, or questions.  Please email us anytime at hello@bootsandbowssmockingco.com or send a direct message on Instagram @bootsandbowssmocking.  
Lastly, we LOVE to see your children in our clothing.  Please share your pride and joy on social media and share with us using the hashtag: #cuteinbootsandbows.
Photography by: Saylor Kai Photography